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Costa Rica Villa Triunfo - LIMITED RELEASE
Costa Rica Villa Triunfo - LIMITED RELEASE
Costa Rica Villa Triunfo - LIMITED RELEASE
Costa Rica Villa Triunfo - LIMITED RELEASE
Costa Rica Villa Triunfo - LIMITED RELEASE

Costa Rica Villa Triunfo - LIMITED RELEASE

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♻️ Recyclable Tin: 200g

Farm: Villa Triunfo
Origin: Costa Rica
Varietals: Marsellesa, Starmaya, and H1, H3
Process: Natural Fermentation
Altitude: 1600 masl

Hectares: 20
Coffee hectares: 18
Forest hectares: 1
Main varieties: Marsellesa, Starmaya, and H1, H3.

Located at 1600 meters above sea level, Villa Triunfo is a magical place for the growth of coffee. The region is a nice fresh area with incredibly high biodiversity and excellent views of the central valley, Costa Rica´s capital.

The farm was originally focused on dairy production, but the owner converted 2 Ha of the farm into coffee production and had great results. After expanding the farm coffee area, he used hybrids due to disease resistance, high productivity and excellent coffee quality.

Since the renovation with the new varieties took place, most of the farm production was delivered for micro-lot production especially red honey and natural.

The natural process in 5 steps:
100% red cherries are picked, the harvest ends 1 hour early in order to re-sort all the coffee to be delivered.
Second: The mill takes all the floats out of the process allowing a cleaner final product. After the floats, the coffee starts the drying process at the green house.
Third: A quick fermentation on poly bags take place for 24 hours allowing better natural flavors.
Fourth: The coffee is dried in African beds, starting the drying process at 10 am when the temperature is very high. This causes a temperature shock. The African bed are turned constantly until the natural process is obtained.
Fifth: All lots are stored in Grain Pro Bag and allowed to rest, making the coffee increase its cup profile.

H1 Centroamericano:
The genetic lineage of the H1 variety is the crossing of the regular Ethiopian Rume Sudan (Quality) and a Sarchimore (Resistance).

The Centroamericano variety, is very resistant to coffee leaf rust, it has extremely high yields and exceptional cup. The variety allows coffee producers have quality in good quantity.

The name, Centroamericano is to recognize the efforts done by the Central American institutes of coffee to provide an option to producers for a leaf rust resistant variety.

The variety is starting to become a popular choice among producers due to the great qualities previously described. It grows better with a good amount of shade and is encourage the use of trees for better quality, making the coffee farms small agroforest areas.