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Our Story

You're probably familiar with us from Main Street…

Our timber-frame building constructed with the original “bugwood,” mountain pine beetle-damaged lumber.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, a warm winter-fuelled pine beetle outbreak resulted in the loss of millions of hectares of British Columbian forest. Nick and Mika Meyer decided to construct a coffee house from this damaged lumber with its unique runnels and holes (a consequence of the pine beetle’s boring behaviour), and named it Bugwood Bean, an homage to their forestry work where they had seen the effects of pine beetle firsthand.

Today, Bugwood on Main Street is a lively hub for locals and visitors alike. Nestled in the heart of downtown Smithers.

We're passionate about coffee and now we roast our own…

The Bugwood Coffee Roastery is an amazing space. Built with intention and the idea of creating space for gathering, coffee education, and is home to our new Mill City roaster.

This space is located on Fulton Ave in Smithers. We encourage you, your friends, your family, and others to join us in this space. It is organic by nature and as we find ourselves within the space we’d love to host anyone and everyone for means of education, brewing, cupping, and espresso classes.

If you’re already an expert home barista and specialty coffee enthusiast, we’ve got you covered, our roastery is home to another avenue of retail when it comes to brewing equipment and other coffee related items. We also sell our beans here as well.

We look forward to sharing this space with everyone.