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Production Coffee Roaster APPLY NOW

3439 Fulton Ave. Smithers, BC Canada
Thu, Apr 15, 2021
Full time

Bugwood Coffee is looking to hire a Production Roaster to join our passionate and skilled roasting team. In this position, you'll be counted on for your great work ethic and attention to detail as you grow your knowledge base and become responsible for roasting, packaging and shipping specialty coffees throughout Canada

Adhering to roast profile development, collaboration on inventory management, and quality control. We are able and willing to train for the specifics of this role but previous experience is an asset. Candidates must possess a High school education or equivalent. Organization is crucial as is efficiency. A self-starter, problem solver, motivated, and reliable.

The Coffee Roaster is responsible for ensuring the coffee produced by Bugwood Coffee meets our quality standards.

You'll become familiar with our roasting software and will learn and oversee the administrative, ordering and processing, and package delivery requirements related to the position. Developing coffee recipes and roasting profiles, the Coffee Roaster highlights the best and intended flavor of the coffee bean through weekly collaboration with the Management and Leadership of the Main St. Café and Ownership. The Coffee Roaster is a leader and is constantly striving to further develop the skills necessary to be applied to roasting and aiding in development and adherence to our quality assurance best practices building on consistency.

Areas of Responsibility Include:

Coffee Roasting & Leadership

  • Create the weekly and daily roasting schedule and to complete the production schedule to expected recipe and profile
  • Analyze green bean coffee for defects and moisture content. Determine how to document/use these findings to prolong the life of our green coffee and aid in determining roast profiles
  • Maintaining coffee inventory, ensuring it meets the sales and distribution needs of Bugwood Coffee
  • Oversee green coffee inventory control procedures and ensure accuracy goals are achieved, with operating policy and procedural documentation maintained and up to date
  • Conduct regular quality checks throughout the day to ensure green bean and final roasting weights are being recorded accurately
  • Be a leader in coffee roasting, cleaning, and maintenance when required
  • Develop advanced coffee skills (cupping, profiling, etc)

Learning and Development

  • Train and coach team members on new and revised roasting recipes, profiles, standards and procedures
  • Ongoing learning and development to achieve a deeper understanding of the coffee production process and the impact each decision makes on the product, i.e. processes, fermenting, drying times, bean density etc.
  • Stay abreast of coffee production, sourcing and buying changes and industry leaders, report findings, and make recommendations

Quality Assurance

  • Develop, test, and manage coffee roast recipes and profiles using Cropster Profiling Software.
  • Check roast profiles at the end of each day to ensure the roast meets the expected standards
  • Regularly assess the recipe and profile information recorded by the Coffee Roasters in Cropster for accuracy and consistency ensuring the roast values are within an acceptable range of reference
  • Ensure that roast failures are recorded and lessons learned are referenced in future recipes communicating what was learned and how to avoid the error in the future
  • Check that roasts follow the desired profiles/curves of reference in Cropster
  • Investigate why roasts do not follow the reference curves and troubleshoot whether it’s due to a lack of compliance or the need for a recipe change
  • Regularly cup, test, and taste roasted coffee to ensure their flavors are meeting the expected quality and calibration standards for each coffee and applicable profile

Continuous Improvement

  • Continually look at ways to improve the tastes of all coffees, while maintaining margin goals
  • Maintain a monthly schedule for testing each coffee documenting and communicating changes
  • Ensure coffee blends are meeting margin goals
  • Continually learn and teach new approaches and techniques in roasting practices to achieve consistency in different roasters and batch sizes
  • Maintain and uphold roasting standards and procedures.
  • Coordinate with the Café Manager to assist with continued coffee education for their team

Organization and Cleanliness

  • Ensuring that the appropriate stock levels of roasting maintenance equipment are on hand
  • Managing retail and wholesale bag inventory and ordering as well as boxes and other production items ie. labels, stickers, shipping labels, shipping forms from Bandstra, etc. to fulfill orders for all clients
  • Follow inventory management procedures, ensuring orders are received and stored accurately
  • Monitor the roasting process to identify any maintenance issues such as burner inconsistencies or electrical issues and report them immediately
  • Follow safety procedures and report hazards and incidents to management
  • Perform preventative maintenance daily, weekly, and monthly, and as specified by the operations standards and scheduled maintenance
  • Follow warehouse organization and food handling standards to maintain a safe, clean, and organized work environment
  • Packaging retail, wholesale, and Main Street espresso bar stock tasks as required
  • Maintain a safe, clean and organized work environment, follow the sanitation standards and schedule


  • High school education or equivalent
  • Education background in mechanical and electrical fields are considered an asset
  • Excellent computer skills
  • A passion and enthusiasm for coffee
  • Willingness to learn from mistakes and to grow/ enhance skills
  • Ability to listen, learn, and take direction
  • Flexible scheduling is preferred and should be available to work weekends if necessary
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • Ability to perform physical requirements

Working conditions:

  • Standing and walking for extended periods of time
  • Working in a non-climate controlled small space environment
  • Unassisted heavy lifting up to ~50lbs
  • Repetition of duties

Job Type: Full-time

Wage: Hourly to be negotiated, Production and Annual bonus, Paid holidays

Schedule: Monday to Friday 8:30 - 4:30, Holiday Days off

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