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Building out a new café and running a successful coffee shop demands a lot of attention to detail especially as there is an ever growing list of competition within the industry this detail now requires having a unique point of difference.

Bugwood Coffee will make the difference. Offering support to new start ups and existing cafés, unique businesses no matter the size, we have the appropriate options for each customer base and a willingness to collaborate on the best solutions for our partners.

The Coffee

This is easily the most important area of a café business. We often see an awesome space and café that is let down by the quality of the most important ingredient to their success -  the coffee. We offer a selection of coffees from exclusive small lot single origins to smooth blends that are designed to hold their own or shine when paired with milk based beverages.

We’re happy to provide retail spaces to your businesses looking to connect its customer base with the coffee you’re serving by displaying and carrying retail options for your customers to brew at home or purchase as gifts for friends and family.

Brew Method Cards

We’ve taken the pain out of guessing when it comes to the fundamentals of brewing at home! We offer really great resources like these brew method cards that can be used in tandem with your products on your retail shelves to help those get that same great Bugwood Coffee in their cups at home as they do in your café.

These cards are complementary to our customers who want to offer an educational tool to their retail shelf to support sales initiatives.


Need equipment? We have partnered with partnered with La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, and some of the industries best to help supply the best quality equipment for your businesses needs.

Training and Education

Often times, new Baristas typically take anywhere from around 5 - 6 months to develop a true understanding of how to make espresso based beverages consistently. However, the key is getting the basics down from the very start. When you work with Bugwood we offer intro training and continued education sessions at our Roastery or the location of your business to help with setup and ongoing training and learning opportunities. So get it right from the start with Bugwood!

Support & Maintenance

Does your equipment need to be serviced? We have partnered with Stealth Coffee Systems and ECM in Vancouver to help bridge the gap between having access to support systems with your equipment. Depending on your issue or the support you need, we’ll do our best to help out.

We are currently working on building an online ordering system for our café and wholesale customers that will allow for an ease of use and offer up an ordering experience tailored to your needs when purchasing. Whether it’s from your computer, or your phone. We’re hopeful to have this up and running in the near future and will work closely to onboard everyone through the ordering process once it becomes available to transition to this method of placing your orders.